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By: Allison Caswell

Research shows that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. What better time to
dive into a new habit than right now?! The spread of Covid-19 has changed
each of our lives in one-way or another. For many of us we are starting to workout
at home, working from home for the first time and cooking or eating in more than
we have in the past. Our routines have shifted and challenges are bound to present
themselves. Take this time to slow down and work towards creating a new habit
that supports your well-being and health.

Habits are best described as a regular tendency or practice that are repeated over
and over. There are a sequence of events that occur in developing a habit which
include a trigger, a routine and finally a habit forming.
First, a trigger or cue occurs. This could be an emotion, time, thought or location.
Then a routine occurs which is followed by a habit developing over time.
Habits are often very difficult to change or create. Below are some strategies to help
you in creating or changing a particular habit that you have.

1. Identify the habit you would like to create or change: Take time to think
about the habit you would like to tackle over the next 30 days. Think about
the different aspects of your life and how creating this habit will help your
overall well-being.

2. Make the habit something you are able to do daily: Consistency is key and
the more you are able to carry out and practice the habit, the more successful
you will be.

3. Start simple and build upon that foundation: It is very easy to get over-
motivated and take on too much as once. Choose a habit that is measurable.
For example: if you want to develop a habit of stretching for 20 minutes each
day, start with 5 minutes and progress from there.

4. Remind yourself: Place reminders throughout your home to keep you on
track in creating your new habit. Write it in your planner, put a reminder on
your phone, or write it on a sticky note.

5. Stay Consistent: Consistency is key. In order to create a successful habit, it
needs to become part of your routine and daily lifestyle.

6. Be Accountable: Being accountable will help with developing consistency.
Tell a friend of family member what you are working towards. Post in the
Rise Fitness Members Facebook group about how you are doing with your
new habit. Ask for help if you are struggling.

7. Be Imperfect: Nobody is perfect. Always remember to extend grace and be
patient with yourself as habits are not easy to develop or change. Be kind to
yourself and take this time to intently work towards the habit you are
learning to create.

Contact us today to receive your free habit tracker to help keep you accountable during the next thirty days.
Please reach out if you have any questions or need guidance on creating or
maintaining a new habit. Here’s to learning and growing in this difficult time along
side an amazing community of Rise Fitness Studio members!

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