Rising Above Doubt

Rising Above Doubt by Allison Caswell

Growing up I was always surrounded by sports. I was encouraged by my parents to play a different sport each season- having the opportunity to play tennis, soccer, track, basketball, lacrosse and hockey (hockey was definitely not my calling). I grew up playing on co-ed and boy’s sports teams until I started school sports – later having the opportunity to be on the women’s tennis team in college. In those years I had the opportunity to grow as a woman, not only on the court as an athlete, but also as a coach during graduate school. I started lifting and participating in functional group fitness classes consistently in graduate school and have had a passion for it ever since.  Specifically, the barbell has provided a sense of stability and consistency for both body and mind. Lifting challenges me to stand alongside my fears and doubts and has helped me to become more confident as a person.

Rise Fitness Studio creates a uniquely positive yet challenging environment to grow as a person and athlete. We are given the opportunity to learn and master skills that we didn’t think would be possible. A great deal of this is due in part to the community of members and encouragement of the coaches at Rise; supporting each other through struggles as well as successes. We continually push our limits and strive to tap into our true potential. We know and understand that every workout is going to be different and that every day is going to have its challenges. But, within those difficulties and challenges, the Rise community comes together. While we may be at different points in our fitness journey, we continue to grow and succeed through the positive community environment at Rise Fitness Studio.


-Allison Caswell

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